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DEX’s new project While it is a new project, there is already an exchange up and running. All processing fees are shared among holders DEX's new system ensures only the best projects make it to market

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Our vision

We are striving to create a world where anyone can easily invest in interesting startups throughout the world using cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

With Raizer, entrepreneurs will be able to grow their startup according to their own vision at a low cost, without having their managerial rights restricted by the stock system.

Since only the best tokens are listed on Raizer due to a recommendation system controlled by holders of Raizer tokens.

Investors will be able to find and support promising businesses from an early stage.

Raizer will change the way entrepreneurship and investment are done throughout the world.

About us is a decentralized exchange (DEX) that handles Counterparty tokens and runs on the Bitcoin blockchain.

With Raizer, we succeeded in correcting all of the weaknesses of the original Counterparty DEX.

In August, we finished the product and conducted a thorough trial with a small number of users and cooperating projects.

As a result of that trial, we decided to begin full-scale operations in 2019.

It is only a matter of time before the era of decentralized exchanges arrives and second layers become standard. Raizer will lead that race.

Why pay attention to Counterparty now?

Counterparty tokens offer the same security as Bitcoin. Unlike mainstream ERC tokens, Counterparty tokens can be issued without an engineer. That allows anyone to start a token business with just a few dollars for the issuance fee.

  • Even people with no programming knowledge can use the airdrop feature.
  • It is possible to make child tokens based on another token to suit the usage of your business.
  • Changes to the specifications can be made without causing a hard fork.

Counterparty provides rich flexibility for token businesses. You could say that it is the ideal platform for token businesses and token economies not aiming for decentralization. But despite having the optimal functionality for starting a token business, Counterparty tokens remained obscure. Why?

The problem was the original DEX where new tokens were traded until being listed on various exchange places. The interface was complicated and difficult to use, and even though it ran on the BTC blockchain, Bitcoins could not be used on the original DEX due to the specification.

For that reason. even players aiming to start a token business or economy who placed no importance on decentralization ended up choosing ERC, despite the high costs involved for a startup. In 2018, ICOs raised $7.541 billion, the majority of which went towards ERC tokens. However, many of those tokens did not actually require ERC's strong decentralization.

We believe that by solving these problems, players who desire decentralization will choose ERC, and players who do not will choose Counterparty, resulting in a more optimized and approachable environment for cryptocurrency startups. To solve them, we developed the Tokenizer feature, which allows CP tokens and BTC to be traded on the DEX, and an interface on par with existing exchanges.

Why are decentralized exchanges (DEX) the future?

As the cryptocurrency market expands, the risk for
hacking of traditional exchanges increases.

Why are decentralized exchanges (DEX) the future?

Almost two years have passed since cryptocurrencies attracted global attention. Nonetheless, both large and small scale hacks of centralized exchanges (CEX) continue unabated.

The reason for that is that no matter what security measures a centralized exchange takes, so long as they store customers' assets and manage the private keys on their servers, they cannot fully prevent attacks.

Anyone can easily see the total assets held by an exchange on the blockchain.

Because of that, as cryptocurrencies gain popularity throughout the world and the amount held by exchanges increases, the incentive for hacks and risk to exchanges also increases.

Next, what is important to remember is that when an exchange is the victim of hacking, it is not only the users of that exchange who are harmed.

When an exchange is hacked and tokens stolen and subsequently sold on the market, the entire token system is endangered. No matter how brilliant that token system is, this remains a great risk.

We believe that decentralized exchanges, which allow customers to control their own assets while trading on the blockchain, will be chosen as the solution to that problem.

Our role is not to manage assets, but to continue building the ideal environment for startups that use tokens — an environment that is easy for individual investors to use and features promising investment targets.

In the near future, sidechains/second layers will be implemented to address the slow order speeds that stem from the blockchain's system of recording trades.

That will make decentralized exchanges as easy to use as existing and future centralized exchanges.

The era of DEX is coming soon.

Raizer token

Raizer tokens are used to distribute fees and vote
for (endorse) Raizer listings.

Fee distribution

100% of fees collected when a user withdraws BTC are returned to Raizer holders through a lottery.

That means that the operators and developers only earn profit by receiving these fees as holders of Raizer.

All holders have an equal incentive to promote high quality listings on Raizer and increase the volume of trades.

Listing recommendation votes (endorsements)

What is an endorsement?

holders have one endorsement vote per Raizer token that they hold. For example, someone who holds 1 million Raizer can vote to endorse "Currency A" 1 million times.

They could also distribute their 1 million votes by, for example, giving 500,000 votes to A, and 500,000 votes to B.

A currency remains listed on the market so long as it has received a total of 5 million votes for endorsement.

If holders retract their endorsements or sell off their Raizer tokens and the total drops below 5 million, the currency is automatically delisted.

For that reason, each currency must maintain its reputation as a token of value to be listed on Raizer.

Tokensale information

We will never issue additional tokens.

  • Number of tokens for sale

    100,000,000 RAIZER (10%)

  • Acceptable currencies


  • Initial token supply


  • Start Date for public sale

    26.02.2019 03:00 am GMT

  • End Date

    26.03.2019 03:00 am GMT

  • Tokens exchange rate


  • Funding target

    Hard cap: 5,500,000USD

Token sale ends in

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Cloud sale (10%)
Partnership, Marketing, Each Incentives (30%)
Management and development team (60%)


The 60% possessed by the management and development team is for comission.

Regarding the partnership, we will make sure that the percentage will not be released to the market after the conclusion.

Roadmap does not present a superficial road map. This is because the world surrounding blockchains and cryptocurrencies is too exciting for us to predict its movement on a yearly basis.

What we emphasize most is not "to achieve the presented road map" but "to achieve our vision and to keep moving for the benefit of and the RAIZER tokens".

However, we must disclose the following:

  • Multiple project invitations for token business with Raizer
  • Switch of platform to secure blockchains and public sidechains in line with our own vision rather than that of counterparties

We have already begun this process, and are making smooth progress. We expect to be able to announce our token business project soon.

Additionally, in order to actualize its vision, is constantly implementing careful updates in accordance with user feedback and the new possibilities enabled by blockchain.

Take a look at our product, We have already prepared a regular product to work on in the year following the initial coin launch.

Despite this, does the lack of a road map fill you with uncertainty? If that's the case, please keep checking back with

You'll see being updated in real time.


The value of and Raizer will be apparent when our excellent
project tokens go on the market and are put to practical use.

We welcome new token business, no matter how large or small the scale.
Please contact us through the form below regarding token incentive
planning or other similar topics.

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